Born and raised in South Africa, Wella Professionals Top Artist, Aubrey Loots has been calling Los Angeles his home for the past 23 years. During this time, he’s built a very loyal clientele, and works and teaches around the world, like London, Japan and Korea. Aubrey also works LA, New York, and Paris Fashion Weeks and is co-owner of The Doves by DNA Hair Salon in Los Angeles.

Aubrey Loves the world of Fashion. Whether it is a Photo shoot, Runway show, Makeover show, or a Red Carpet Celebrity event, nothing beats the adrenalin rush he gets from working in this capacity. He has also lead over 150 Runway shows and Installations over the last 5 years and says that as challenging as it can be, it’s the place where he learns and teaches the most. Aubrey has also worked on several makeover shows for OWN, Lifetime and ABC Television and was the Lead Stylist for all 3 seasons of “The Taste” on ABC Television with Nigella Lawson and Anthony Bourdain and was lead stylist for the entire 2014 Old Spice Campaign.

Aubrey is very passionate about Educating and Inspiring Hairstylists around the world.

“Nothing makes me Happier than Sharing my knowledge with others."



Damir Doma | Rag n Bone | Prabel Gurung | Phillip Lim | Christian Siriano | Christophe Lemaire


Key Stylist for:

Project Runway Alumni - Korto Momolu, Mila Hermanovski, and Jerell Scott | Stephen Burrows | 4 Corners of a Circle | Henry Duarte | Ozgur Masur | Mike Vensel | Skingraft | MartinMARTIN | Eduardo Lucero | Bryan Hearns | Elliott Evan | Korovilas | Chambers | Bellen | B:Scott | Fremont | Sarah Scott | Jen Awad | Nikki Rich | The Battalion | Valerj Pobega | Gypsy Junkies | Elaine Allen | Laili Lau | Chemline | Lavuk | L’une | Roark | Quest | M I L A | NAMI | S&G | Curly-V | Kocoon | Elmer Ave | Ela Acosta | Thai Nguyen | The Muscovites | Paul Redmond | Camila X Castillo | Bohemian Society | Caribbean Runway | Michelle Laine | Irene Marie | Indashio | Liason | Debakalis | Basil Malicsi | Aeneas Erlking | Jessica Huang | Urbana Chapa | Andrea Diodati | KITTINHAWK | L. Catherine | ISM Mode | ODA | YOZE | CM2K | Dai Le | Nuvula | Wayward | Alexandrino | Frances Caine | Ravish in Bounds | Sumie Tachibana | Emily Daccarett | Camelia Skikos | WHICHKIM | Lee+Lani | Mathiasen